I'm Sohan.

Software Engineer · Computer Vision Enthusiast · Hobbyist Landscape Photographer

"about me"

Sohan Chowdhury
· Software Engineer
· Computer Vision Enthusiast ·
· Hobbyist Landscape Photographer

I'm a Software Engineer & Computer Vision enthusiast from Bangladesh. I like to write code, go on hikes in the mountains & take landscape photographs. I'm also obsessed about new tech. I enjoy science fiction and comedy.

I've been developing the backends of websites, apps, REST Apis for some years now. Most of my time is spent writing code in PHP(Laravel), Python & Javascript(React). When I am not writing business centric code, I like to learn about teaching computers to see.

I prefer to write clean code that is well structured and follows standards, although deadlines do not always permit this. I learn fast, adapt to new technologies quickly and try to keep a fresh and open mind.

Minimalistm and Flatnesss, YAGNI and KISS are my favourite mottos. For instance, this page weighs only 13KB, and if you include the images, its only 85KB!

My primary OS's are is Macos & Linux(Kubuntu), editor of choice is Sublime Text VS Code, favourite IDEs are from Jetbrains and my default web browser is Chrome.

"get in touch"

You can email me at [email protected] , I usually reply within 4-6 hours.

"does he know FORTRAN?"

Here's a rough self estimation of my programming skills:
(Spoiler: I don't know FORTRAN.)


I've completed Computer Science & Software Engineering from American International University-Bangladesh with Summa Cum Laude(Highest distinction). I also received the Vice Chancellors Award for Best Undergrad Research.
I consider myself proficient in spoken and written english.
Besides formal education, One of my favourite courses online was Stanford University's CS231n taught by Andrej Karpathy. I got most of my computer vision interest from just the way he taught, if you are into CV, look up that course, its awesome.
One other favourite online course I did when starting to learn was was Harvards CS50, I still suggest any CS fresher to go through at least the first few weeks of this awesome course.

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
and I took the road less travelled."
and It hurt man!
NOT COOL Robert Frost.